And the next cover is…..

Hi everyone!   I hope you guys are having a wonderful pre-Fourth of July week.  So, big news – I just got the cover of the next (and last) Daughters book sent to me by my publisher, and I had to share!  Here it is!

Isn’t it pretty??   Designer Tracy Shaw did such a beautiful job once again – thank you, Tracy!  And as you can see, there’s a Fourth Daughter who’ll be joining the group: Emma Conway, daughter of New York Senator Adam Conway.  (That’s her on the far right.) Emma is tired of living in a family of over-achievers – especially because she isn’t one.  When her dad tells his family that he plans to run for President, she feels intense pressure to be the Perfect First Daughter.  But luckily, she’s met Lizzie, Carina, and Hudson, who know firsthand what intense pressure and expectations are all about!  I don’t want to give too much away, but The Daughters Join the Party will be out in November.

Other than that,  I’ve been in front of my computer most days, listening to an ever-growing playlist and working on an outline for the Next Book.  Working on something new is exciting, but it also requires that you sort of act like Thought Cop, banishing any and all negative thoughts from your mind when you sit down to work.  I’m talking about those doozies like  “Is this any good?“, “Do I know what I’m doing?” or my favorite “Maybe I should take today off...”  Some days being Thought Cop is harder than others.  But I guess that’s kind of the trick with life, isn’t it?  Learning to turn down the negative and turn up the good stuff.  In my case, the good stuff has been a LOT of 80’s and 90’s pop.  Like Roxy Music and the Eurythmics and even some really old stuff like Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet” and Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” and Billy Joel’s “Summer, Highland Falls” (but only the live version, from Songs in the Attic, but you probably don’t care about that…)

Anyway, Edie is scratching at my leg, and demanding my attention – as usual.  I think that’s it for me tonight.  Happy 4th of July, and I wish you all a great weekend!!

xoxo Joanna

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12 Responses to And the next cover is…..

  1. Geena says:

    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! The cover is so pretty!!!!!!! Can’t wait to read that soon!!!!!
    Speaking of music, I can’t stand even my favorite genre rock when I’m doing something. I like instrumental pop songs or Owl City, Breanne Duren, Lights and Evanescence when I’m writing or doing homework.

  2. CG says:

    Great cover! Plz reveal more on the new series!!!!

  3. Great cover! I can’t wait for the next book. It’s excited to see a new addition to the group. Sad that it’s the last book though. I look forward to seeing what you do next. There aren’t enough light, fun, sweet books like The Daughters series out there. One of my friends (who’s 30, not a teen) is going through a hard time right now and I recommended The Daughters series as some great “take your mind off things” books.

    • jphilbin says:

      That’s so nice to hear! I hope your friend likes them. We all need some “take your mind off things” reading material once in a while! 🙂

  4. Kalina says:

    I absolutely love these books! I just finished The daughters take the stage! This is my favorite series, and I am looking forward to the next book, but I am sad to see it going 🙁 Its the best books I’ve read since…Forever! Thanks so much for sharing the cover! So pretty! And the new girl Emma is really pretty to! She actually kinda looks like me! 😀

  5. Jannette nguyen says:

    I absolutely love your books!! You should have your own newsletter so I can get new news everytime something happens and I just like getting mail!!! You are the best author EVER!!!! Your books are like a breath of fresh air!!!

  6. Jaycien says:

    I cant wait for the new book ,this is one of my two favorite seiresi am a teen that doesn’t have famous parents parents but I have alot to live up to my Mom is a doctor, my Dad is a professor ,and my brother is at Harvard University so your books have conected with me

  7. Shipraa says:

    I love the daughters series so much!! it was the best series i ever read! i cant believe this is the last book! For my school project i did the 2nd daughters book! cant wait for your next series!!

  8. Vicky says:

    Please write more about the daughters! They’re so awesome.

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