Style secrets of the Daughters (or just where they shop…)

So I just got a question on Facebook from a reader asking me where Lizzie, Carina, and Hudson shop in NYC… and I thought, what a great subject for my next blog!  I was just in NYC for vacation, and it was amazing.  Even though it was 102 degrees (I’m serious) and I could barely walk around without feeling like I might melt into a puddle. But whenever I’m in NYC I always think about the Daughters and the places that they visit in the books. I would love to list all the places they go and hang out and spend time (like Central Park, restaurants, hotels, etc.) but the question was about shopping, so here’s a quick list of where the Daughters shop in the three books. Remember them if you’re ever in NYC and want to check them out yourselves!

Big Drop 174 Spring Street, SoHo 10012   Cute, fun boutique where Lizzie buys the top that she’s going to wear to Todd’s party.

Pearl River Mart 477 Broadway (SoHo/Chinatown) This isn’t exactly where Andrea takes Lizzie shopping before their Chinatown photo shoot, but it’s an amazing source of inexpensive clothes, shoes, and accessories with Chinese flair

Intermix 1003 Madison Avenue 10021 (Upper East Side)  Where Carina likes to shop in the beginning of The Daughters Break the Rules…until she gets ahold of her spending!

Catherine Malandrino 652 Hudson Street (Meatpacking District) One of Carina’s favorites again…

Resurrection 217 Mott Street 10012 (NoLIta) Where Hudson takes Hillary Crumple vintage clothes-shopping in The Daughters Take the Stage

Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market West 25th Street (Hell’s Kitchen)  This isn’t listed by name in The Daughters Take the Stage, but this is the biggest flea market in Manhattan and would be one of Hudson’s favorite places to shop.

Some of my personal favorites for shopping in NYC these days are Searle ( for clothes and Wink for accessories (  But like I said, last week I was mostly staying indoors with the AC on at full blast!

That’s it for now – I hope all of you are well and having a wonderful Friday night!



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4 Responses to Style secrets of the Daughters (or just where they shop…)

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for all of this information!! I’m going to check out some of these places the next time I go to the city (or just online). It looks like they have so many cute things.

    Enjoy your weekend. It’s supposed to be super-hot here today and tomorrow in central NJ – in the 90s – ugh.

    Take care,
    Ann Marie

  2. Jannette Nguyen says:

    Joanna you are the coolest author EVER!!!!!! Yay I was the one who asked that question!!! Hmm some of the shops are a bit pricey but at least hudson likes things that are also affordable yet very cute!!!

  3. Jade says:

    Haha, I live in Texas and during the summer its on average about 105-110 F during the summer around fall it’s in the 90’s. You are one of my favorite authors!! I will randomly write a list


    1) Joanna Philbin

    2) James Patterson

    3) Lisi Harrison

    4) Rick Riordan

    5) Suzanne Collins

    Good luck with all your writing,

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