Hi again!

Yes, it’s me, your long-lost friend JOANNA!

So, first off – I know it’s been a long time.

A very, VERY long time.

And I apologize for that.

But I hope you know that I have an excuse for being totally, unabashedly, MIA.

I’ve been writing my new book, RULES OF SUMMER, and I’m finally DONE!

I know I told you guys about the new book in my previous post, “The Secret I’ve Been Dying to Share.”  But here’s a quick recap:  Rory and Isabel, both 17, are spending the summer in the same beachfront mansion in East Hampton.  Isabel is the daughter of the blue-blooded family that owns the mansion, Rory’s the niece of the family’s housekeeper.  When they meet, it’s pretty much dislike at first sight.  The two couldn’t be more different: Isabel’s the privileged beauty who’s used to having guys fall at her feet. Rory’s the driven student who’s always been the friend, never the girlfriend.  But soon they realize that they have more in common than they thought… especially when each girl begins a summer romance that will change her life.  The book, which will be published by Poppy, will be out next May.  I know, I know, it’s far from now, but it will be here before we know it, I promise!

One of the best parts of writing this book was pretending that it was summer all winter long. Summer is, and has always been, my favorite season.  And even though I live in LA, it is decidedly not summer year-round, no matter what anyone tells you. (In fact, it can get quite chilly out here, believe it or not.  I always need a jacket after the sun goes down, even in July.) But now the jacaranda trees on my street are in full periwinkle bloom, and if I so much as stay outside for more than a minute without SPF, my nose is bright red.  Summer is almost here!

And with that comes my “summer resolutions.”  For some reason, I always make resolutions in May/June instead of in January.  Maybe this is because I went to summer camp as a kid, where I’d learn new sports and make new friends and have an altogether different experience than the one I had at school.  Summers were always a time of starting over and trying new things.  So this morning I woke up thinking about all the stuff I want to read, do, make, wear, and try for the first time this summer.  And this list includes (but isn’t limited to):

1. Reading!  On my list is The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides (and State of Grace by Ann Patchett, and The Uncoupling by Meg Wolitzer, and the latest from Emily Giffin, and Jennifer Weiner, Elin Hilderbrand, etc, etc.)

2. Finding the perfect pair of cork wedges

3. Finally filling my bike tires so I can take a spin around my neighborhood

4. Taking Edie to the beach (where I sadly never seem to go even though I live in LA!)

5. Cooking some decent veggie dishes (lately I’ve been flirting with meatless cuisine, but don’t know how to make anything but salad and rice and beans)

6. Planning a trip to NYC!

What do YOU guys want to do/try/read/wear this summer??  Let me know!

Also, THE DAUGHTERS JOIN THE PARTY is now available in paperback!  Nice and portable, just in time for that train/plane ride or trip to the beach.  See?  I so have summer on the brain!

xoxo, Joanna


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13 Responses to Hi again!

  1. Nora says:

    Joanna I love your book! I’m a huge fan! I wish I could write like you! I have also been a fan of your father’s too, so I just love the Philbin family! Thank you so much for giving me so many hours of pure entertainment!

  2. Cami says:

    Yeah!! I’m really excited for Rules of Summer to come out!

  3. Courtney says:

    I’m into resolution #6!
    Also I’m hoping for a fall LA trip. And then I’ll get to see you twice!

  4. Jade says:

    Hi Joanna!

    I can’t wait for THE RULES OF SUMMER!
    My plans for this summer are:

    1) Read books to get ahead for next year, I’ve read nine so far!

    2) Sleep in!!!

    3) Hang out with friends!!!

    4) Last off, I need some babysitting jobs so I can get some money!!! I want the Kindle Fire and eight dollars a week isn’t getting me there very fast.

    Those are my plans!!!

    Have a great summer,
    Jade B.

  5. Elektra Heart says:

    I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I love your writing!

  6. Faye says:

    I love all your books so much! My fav is the daughters break the rules. I Hope you continue the daughters series.

    P.S. I love your site très chic :)


    • jphilbin says:

      Merci beaucoup, Faye! The last book in the series, THE DAUGHTERS JOIN THE PARTY, is already out, but look for my next book, RULES OF SUMMER, out next May! Best to you, Joanna

  7. Dasja F says:

    I absolutely love your Daughters series. I have every book!! I was wondering if you were going to continue the series because I would love to read more of it. Please consider it for your fans, please and thank you :)!

    • jphilbin says:

      Thanks so much, Dasja! Right now there are no plans for a fifth Daughters book, but there’s always a chance that I might have the opportunity to write one in the future! I’m so glad you’re a fan of the books, though!


  8. Piano Girl says:

    Hey Joanna!:) This is @piano_r5_girl from Twitter! You told me to ask you any questions that I had so here we go:

    1) What was it like growing up with a dad who was a television host?

    2) How did you come up with your idea for The Daughters?

    3) What is your favorite part about being an author?

    Thanks so much! :)

    • jphilbin says:

      Hi Piano Girl! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

      It was very surreal growing up with a father who was a television host, but then again, I didn’t know anything different. Strangers would come up to us at a restaurant and on the street all the time to say hi. But I also grew up in New York, where people are known for not being that shy! :)

      I came up with the idea for The Daughters when I was out of college and working in media. It was a big surprise to realize how much people saw me as the daughter of a famous person. Before that the people I went to school with always knew me as me. That’s when I got the idea for the Daughters – a group of girls who are trying to figure out who they are apart from their famous parents.

      My favorite part of being an author is getting to live within my own imagination, and then make it come alive on the page. I wouldn’t trade it anything.

      Hope this answered your questions!

  9. Ashley says:

    I love this book series so much, Joanna! I am currently in 9th grade, but as an 8th grade student I wrote a biography on you and about your books in The Daughters series. With much research and thorough readings of the books, I managed to get a 100% on the project :) Hopefully this series will be continued!

    • jphilbin says:

      Thanks so much, Ashley! I’m so glad you did so well on the project. Right now there aren’t any plans for a new Daughters book, but let’s keep our fingers crossed, okay? In the meantime, I have two new books: RULES OF SUMMER and SINCE LAST SUMMER (which actually comes out on June 3rd). Hopefully these will do for now. :) Thanks for saying hi!


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